“We’re building an Africa that’s in good health.”

Our innovations have helped 400,000 patients make savings on high quality medicines.

For pharmacies, it meansthe drugs your patients need are always in stock

For patients, it meansyou can get your prescription, even when you’re short

For partners, it meansyou can reach every African who needs medicine

Always accessible, always affordable

mPharma improves access to medicines by providing innovative financing and inventory management solutions to hospitals, pharmacies and patients. We achieve lower prices by aggregating and predicting demand across our network of providers.

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The easy pay scheme for patients that guarantees the medicines you need are always available, always affordable.

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mPharma wins

The Skoll award recognises innovation by a social enterprise.

mPharma is overturning the injustice of millions of people who currently lack access to affordable medicines.
To win this award, we demonstrated a compelling plan and a collaborative approach to achieving impact across Africa.


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