We’re shaking up the healthcare industry.

Our vision is an Africa that’s in good health. We will not cease until every person on the continent has access to safe and affordable medicine.

“A world where a mother has to choose between medication for her health or education for her child is an unjust world.”

The drug supply chain in Africa is broken.

While disease rates rise, drugs fail to get into the hands of those who need them most.

Many countries are unprepared.

After decades of prioritising malaria and HIV, it’s the new killers — like cancer, diabetes, and hypertension —that are placing the biggest burden on Africa’s healthcare systems.

Pharmacies are struggling to stock life-saving medicines.

Frequent ‘stock outs’ prevent medicine from getting into the hands of patients who need them most.

Meanwhile, patients pay the price.

By the time the middle men have taken their margins, patients in Africa often pay three times as much as patients in Western countries for the same drugs.

Many people can’t afford their full treatment.

Some are forced to opt for low-grade alternatives. Counterfeit drugs are rife.

Millions of Africans face a daily dilemma.

Should they buy insulin for themselves or food for their families? Should they pay to visit a doctor or for their child to go to school? In a just world, these are choices no-one should have to make.

Here’s how we fix things

We disrupt the industry by stocking pharmacy shelves with no payment required up front. We use the collective power of our network of pharmacies to negotiate lower prices with the best manufacturers. We harness technology to eliminate the inefficiencies and price fluctuations that prevent prescription drugs reaching sick people.

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