#SiliconValley Africa: mPharma Is Going to Disrupt the Healthcare Sector in Emerging Markets – Here’s How…

Disruption. Here is an instance where the beloved tech buzzword will not be used in vain. mPharma co-founded in 2013 by Ghanaian entrepreneur Gregory Rockson is laying the foundation to become the number one e-prescription network in emerging markets, leading with Africa.Novartis and Pfizer, two of the main pharmaceutical giants, are already clients after only one year of commercial operation.

“When mobile communication networks were set up across Africa,” says Gregory Rockson, “telecom companies had to invest in towers before selling sim cards to consumers. Our application suite is the sim card that we give to doctors and hospitals, and we are building the towers that allow them to use the application”.

As the above analogy suggests, mPharma doesn’t just provide analytical data to drug companies and health ministries; the company is building an infrastructure and a drug monitoring system that connects patients, hospitals and pharmacies to a cloud-based software. Doctors know in real-time the exact location and availability of any medication of interest, and patients have a more reliable access to medicines.

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