Revolutionizing Healthcare Access in Africa: mPharma Launches Mutti+ Health Subscription Plan Across Partner Pharmacies in Nigeria.

Lagos, Nigeria, 7th April 2023 – On the occasion of World Health Day, mPharma, Africa’s leading patient-centered technology-driven healthcare company, has launched mutti+, a health subscription plan aimed at further improving access to quality healthcare for patients.

The launch of mutti+ by mPharma complements its deep commitment to increasing patient access to affordable and quality healthcare in Nigeria. The program, which is set to reach over 200,000 Nigerian beneficiaries within its first year of launch, provides non-urgent primary care to subscribers at a mutti pharmacy, and includes free primary care consultations, free lab tests, and 150 medications for less than ₦1000 a month.

mPharma’s analysis of over 500,000 patient visits to mutti pharmacies identified the most common diseases for which patients sought care. 14 diseases which drove the most spending were identified and include conditions such as Malaria, Diarrhea/Gastroenteritis, Peptic Ulcer, Pneumonia, Diabetes and Hypertension. This data was then used to build a treatment plan and formulary using drugs from the WHO Essential drugs lists. By using generic drugs and point-of-care testing (PoCT), we created a subscription plan that costs less than ₦1000 monthly.

“By launching mutti+ on World Health Day, we reaffirm our commitment to improving patient access to affordable and quality healthcare in Africa,” said Gregory Rockson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at mPharma. “We believe that the mutti+ program will help to drive better health outcomes for patients, and support the goals of World Health Day to build a fairer, healthier world for everyone.”

The launch of mutti+ by mPharma is an important step towards achieving this goal, and mPharma remains committed to working closely with partners and stakeholders to drive innovation and expand access to quality healthcare for all Africans.



Media Contact

Bawo Ogunro
Chief of Staff, mPharma