[PRESS RELEASE] mPharma releases mymutti Mobile App v2: The Ultimate Health Companion at Your Fingertips

A digital health app designed to improve the healthcare experience for mutti customers, providing seamless access to personalized health management, professional support, and wellness tools—all in one powerful platform.


Accra, Ghana – July 6, 2023.

mPharma, a pan-African healthcare technology company, is thrilled to unveil the latest version of mymutti, a revolutionary digital health companion designed to enhance the well-being of all its mutti customers. This innovative app offers a seamless, user-friendly experience that empowers users to take control of their health and wellness journey.

Now available for Android devices, mymutti offers a plethora of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of our mutti customers. From tracking personal health metrics to finding the nearest mutti pharmacy, the app is a one-stop solution for all mutti customers.

“With mymutti, we’re taking a giant leap forward in our mission to make healthcare accessible, convenient, and personalized for our customers. This app is a testament to our commitment to improving lives and revolutionizing how our members make decisions about their health,” said Gavin Oxman, VP of Product Management at mPharma.

Some of the benefits of mymutti include: 

  1. Enhanced profiles: mutti customers can make better decisions by seeing their balances for mutti benefits like the mutti Wallet, Loyalty Points, and our innovative Heal Now, Pay Later program. They can also see their Lifetime Savings of all discounted purchases they have made since becoming a mutti member
  2. Find pharmacies: Customers can easily find and get directions to their nearest mutti pharmacies
  3. Shop from your phone: Customers will enjoy a shopping experience on mymutti.com directly from the mymutti Mobile App (currently available only in Ghana and Nigeria)
  4. Track your personal health metrics: Customers can monitor and understand vital health metrics such as blood sugar, blood pressure, and HbA1c, and receive coaching tips based on their personalized risk level
  5. Chat with a doctor or pharmacist: Customers can chat with health professionals and mutti support staff for direct assistance
  6. Learn more about mutti programs: Customers can learn more about all our mutti programs to maximize the benefits of their membership

mymutti addresses common challenges faced by mutti customers, including:

  • Quick and easy shopping from their mobile devices
  • Finding the nearest mutti pharmacy
  • Fast access to mPharma healthcare professionals and support staff
  • Self-tracking of critical health metrics, freeing up healthcare professionals’ time
  • Comprehensive understanding of mutti benefits and programs

The mymutti Mobile App is now available for all mutti customers in mPharma’s English-speaking markets. The App is available for download on the Google Play Store.



About the mPharma mutti Program

mutti is Africa’s most trusted membership-based healthcare club which gives members access to a personalized range of quality and affordable healthcare benefits. Healthcare benefits to mutti members include loyalty discounts, discounts on prescription medications, healthcare tracking, personalized wellness programs, and subscription payment discounts for refill medication. Currently available in Nigeria, mutti+, an enhanced version of mutti, is a monthly subscription service that provides mutti members with free access to mutti Doctor services, selected prescription medications, and vital supplements with a monthly subscription of less than $2.00. Individuals can take advantage of these mutti health benefits by signing up for a free mutti membership and shopping through the newly launched mymutti app on Google Play Store or via mymutti.com.


About mPharma

mPharma is a patient-centered technology-driven healthcare company. We provide innovative solutions, including vendor-managed inventory services, retail and primary care solutions for community pharmacies, and data analytics. Our mission is to build an Africa in good health by increasing access to drugs for all patients at reduced costs while assuring and preserving quality. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Ghana, we have expanded our operations to 8 other African countries, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Gabon, Togo, and Uganda. We currently have a network of over 400 pharmacies in our key markets, serving more than 100,000 patients each month. Our partner pharmacies across Africa have dispensed millions of life-saving drugs to patients.


Media Contact

For any inquiries, contact the team via communications@mpharma.com


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